t h e b u n g a l o w

The Bungalow is a space for gathering, love, kindness, open mindedness, support, inspiration and healing. 

A safe and held space to experience full surrender. 

Offering a range of modalities to help excite spirit, mind and body to come back into alignment by remembering what being fully inspired and empowered truly is.

We offer 1:1 consultations/treatments as well as group workshops. 

Meet some of our amazing, skilled practitioners and enter your journey with more clarity and confidence. 

We look forward to meeting you! 


the team






Monique is the owner of The Bungalow and Arts of Healing with a vision to share sacred, held space for clients and therapists. 

Open your body and mind to experience physical, emotional and spiritual release with Monique.  


She uses a culmination of different energy work form the tradition of Reiki, Pellowah and Qi Gong as well as including aromatherapy and crystals, Acupressure and Intuition to tap into the subtleties allowing space for stored memories and experiences to be digested. Monique's treatments offer you a space to surrender, relax and receive what is needed to approach your journey with a sense of peace and clarity.


Monique is a traditionally trained Usui Reiki Master and Massage therapist, Pellowah and Fusion Acupressure Practitioner. She has a deep seeded knowing that it is her souls calling to create space to share healing wisdom with others. Monique believes there is a divine balance that exists amongst us all. What she wish's to do is make evident the power that comes from within in and assist you on a journey of deeper self-awareness to restore harmony back into your life.


Life is a mystery full of riddles, twists and bends. That’s the magic and excitement of it but when the bends seemingly turn into terrifying roller coaster rides leaving you hanging upside down blind folded, that’s when the connection to “self” - bringing through the deeper wisdom of why things are the way they are is lost. What would your life look like with no limitations, no fears, doubts, what makes your heart sing and soul dance? The journey is inevitable so you may as well make it conducive to your personal growth and happiness by learning the journey of the soul. 






Laura is the founder of The Bungalow, North of the Hill and White Witch Botanicals. She aims to create a place of wellness for all through holistic therapies.

Laura is a Usui traditionally trained Reiki Master Teacher, Reiki Therapist of 6 years, Intuitive healer and Guidance Card Reading for around 10 years. She grew up on 5 acres with her artistic loving mother, yogi and meditative father and one of 4 kids that became 6 once her step father and step brothers came along.

Laura has been through quite the number of life experiences leading her into the laps of many situations and numerous personalities to work with. She has worked in the corporate world and holistic world so has a great understanding of both. She brought the creative geniuses into the light with her former business she founded Geelong Creatives connecting all walks of creative folk for the greater good, to network and share the love of community. Living with a Thyroid disease and Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome she understands the importance of Mind, Body and Soul Health.

Laura is currently studying her Master Herbalist  Diploma to enhance her brand, White Witch Botanicals. Vegetarian and Vegan Consultant Diploma to get a better understanding of her lifestyle and to teach others about the world we live in. And last of all, studying Primal Therapy Certificate to work with in her sessions of healing. Using it to go back to trauma's and fears of the beginning of life.

She hopes to build her dream home of sustainability and create a herbalist health hub so stay tuned!

Laura's natural ability to heal and love all beings has brought her to creating the space of the bungalow, bringing in other holistic folk to broaden the experiences for anyone wishing to come to the bungalow.

You can also experience all of this and more in a session with Laura. To make an appointment contact Laura directly through her website.

Laura now is based in Belmont at the North of the Hill HQ. But still in collaboration with Monique at The Bungalow.






Clare could feel her connection with spirit at a young age. One of her earliest and fondest memories was playing in her backyard as a child. She was singing to herself and in her mind she could hear a chorus of angelic voices chiming in. In her excitement she rushed to tell her older sister of the good news, and although lost on her sister, Clare could find such comfort in the beautiful music that she heard. Growing up and being taken to crystal and healing shops she found such comfort surrounded by their energies and what they represented; she felt at home. 

Having always felt this sense of connection with her higher self and the holistic world, it was obvious to Clare and those who she surrounded herself with this was her life’s path. 

Striving to learn as much as she could in her own time as well as moving forward with her studies 

Clare became qualified in    - 

  • Meditation Therapy, Holistic Counselling and Chair Yoga 

  • Reiki 
  • Angelic      Readings 

She also plans to move forward and attain her Yoga Teachers accreditation as well as her children’s Yoga Teachers accreditation. 

Knowing how the journey of life is so unpredictable and how overwhelming it can feel at times, Clare’s mission is to enable others to stand in their own power and move forward hand in hand with their highest selves. 

At the bungalow Clare will be offering - 

1:1 Holistic Counselling 

1:1 Meditation Therapy 

As well as small group counselling circles and small group meditations. 

Contact Clare directly to make an appointment.