Achieving balance through the arts of healing

Achieving balance through the arts of healing

Bring balance back into your life.


Bring balance back into your life.



Arts of Healing By Monique

The Arts of Healing is based on taking a holistic approach to wellness with a mind-body-spirit awareness. 

I use a culmination of energetic based healing methods such as Reiki, Pellowah and crystal work as well as aromatherapy and  massage based treatments including the Fusion Acupressure method which incorporates elements of Qi Gong, talk therapy and life coaching to achieve what is needed to re-establish peace and harmony back into your heart and mind. 

There is a divine balance that exists within us all waiting to be acknowledged and nurtured. 

This is fundamentally the core purpose for creating the Arts of Healing, to assist you on a journey of deeper self- awareness, growth, expansion and wellness on all levels.


My Story

I'm Monique, a traditionally trained Usui Reiki Master, Massage therapist, Pellowah and Fusion Acupressure practitioner currently practicing from The Bungalow. A sacred, safe space nestled away in South Geelong.

From a very young age I was aware of the connection between the mind-body and spirit which set my foundation for taking a holistic approach to learning and living, applying practices and methods to my everyday life to achieve and maintain balance. This sparked the deep seeded knowing that it was my purpose to share this wisdom with others.

Creating the Arts of Healing is my way of creating a space to share that wisdom to bring balance back into the lives of others, making evident the power that comes from within.

My philosophy is that we are the creators of our own lives and life itself is limitless. With  awareness we can change anything so let us set ourselves free from any unconsciously made limitations by understanding the journey of the soul, empowering spirit to live in alignment again!


My Promise to You

I care about your well being and will provide you with guidance, knowledge, and the tools needed to achieve and maintain health with a mind-body-spirit awareness. I am here to help you achieve optimal wellness and re-establish your state of balance.

I look forward to working with you!

Additional Services



Gift Certificates


  Packages have been designed as an indulgent gift for someone special or a relaxing experience just for yourself.
Each package creates a blissful journey by combining a collection of soul nourishing treatments. 

Share the experience with a special other in our Doubles room.  



Gift Certificates


Aromatherapy has been known and used since ancient times for it's magickal properties. I incorporate the use of  dōTERRA oils in all my treatments. dōTERRA oils are Tested to ensure optimal integrity. They are the world’s highest quality and most potent essential oils available. 

Clink the link bellow to find out more and how to purchase them yourself.


Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of inspiration, nurture and the opportunity to experience a true sense of self-empowerment. 

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